Staffing is a rapidly growing industry and in 2016 it is expected to exceed to $122 billion dollar revenues. Ironically, according to Meta Group, over 90% of companies complain that they do not receive real value from today’s technology staffing firms.

We offer real staffing value via our transparent flat markup model. We add a pre-negotiated markup to our actual payroll cost. Our markup starts at 4.95/hr and we charge maximum of 9.95/hr.

This price model helps customers save on average 27% for staffing cost. Below is a comparison of our markup model compared with the model utilized by majority of the national staffing firms?

To learn more, call us at (703) 953-1955 and find out how our transparent flat-margin pricing model can help you with your current consultants as well as the new talent need.


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Vertex is a professional services firm that helps its client companies thrive by delivering a unique mix of consulting solutions and Staffing Services in the Information Technology arena. We provide quality experienced professionals to assist you in meeting your business objectives.